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What is EFT Tapping, and how can it benefit my life

EFT Tapping 
EFT Tapping For Anxiety

What is EFT Tapping, you may ask? In this blog, I will be giving you a beginner’s explanation of what EFT tapping is, how we got into it and small practice for anxiety that you can take away for yourself.

So let’s get into it. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. It is considered an alternative treatment method for physical or emotional pain. Some studies show it is beneficial, particularly for anxiety and PTSD. It requires you to tap specific body areas and is not far away from acupressure. Tapping can balance your energy flow, which maintains your overall health. We are trying to activate particular energy pathways within the body by tapping on the various pressure points to realign ourselves and clear any blockages. 

Not only can EFT tapping be used for anxiety, but we have personal experience using this technique for things like Money (Which Amber strongly believes in!)

Amber and I are frequent users of EFT Tapping. one of the most powerful experiences we got from tapping was from a youtube video (I’ll link at the bottom). Both of us were feeling low energy and low motivation, so I suggested to Amber, “Let’s try some EFT Tapping” Amber had never heard of it before this point but was up for trying. We decided on a money EFT. Financial freedom is to goal to pursue our passion truly, so we ended up repeating this video a couple of times a week, and we would slowly notice more clients booking in finding more money in our purses. We just moved with a more abundant mindset. I believe in this practice to deepen my understanding and teach the technique. I strongly recommend trying it. You may feel a little bit mad at first, but once it’s finished, you will feel an instant mood boost, and you can begin to watch your life transform. 

In addition to tapping, we use statements and affirmations to strengthen the practice. The synergy of tapping and affirming has the powerful effect of letting go of what is no longer needed in our body or attracting what we want/need. 

The Pressure Points

So for this anxiety sequence, there are nine pressure points 

  1. Karate Point (Midway between little finger and knuckle)
  2. Inner Eyebrow (start of the Eyebrow)
  3. Outer Eyebrow (temple)
  4. Under Eye 
  5. Under Nose 
  6. Chin 
  7. Clavicle (Collarbone)
  8. Underarm (Rib)
  9. Top of the head (Crown)
The Sequence

Now, I want you to simply tap each of the above points and make your statements. First, you tap for the problem and then tap for the outcome. You won’t go through 1-9 tapping as many times as you like 

Anxiety Sequence 

  1. Karate Chop: “Even though I am feeling anxious, I choose to love and accept myself.”
  2. Inner Eyebrow: “Even though I feel frustrated, worried, or Stressed, I am in control of how I feel. I love and accept myself.”
  3. Outer Eyebrow: “Even though I don’t want to feel this way, I choose to let go, and I know all is well. I love and accept myself.”
  4. Under Eye: “Actually, I am feeling better, and I do feel calm- I love and accept myself.”
  5. Under Nose: “I am breathing much deeper- I love and accept myself.”
  6. Chin: “I am feeling relaxed- I love and accept myself.”
  7. Clavicle: “I am feeling more in control- I love and accept myself.”
  8. Underarm: I can feel my confidence growing- I love and accept myself.”
  9. Head: “I am free from anxiety- I love and accept myself.”

You can tap each of the points approximately  Twenty times before moving to the next point and repeat several times until you feel the relief (the more, the better). Whether you say the affirmation in your head or out loud is your choice; however, I believe there is a lot of power in the spoken word. 

As I said earlier, if you are brand new to tapping, the sequence will feel strange, but stick with it and promise excellent results. Don’t forget to rate yourself from 1-10 on how anxious you feel before and afterwards. If you try EFT Tapping, please let us know how you get on. We would love to hear!