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Crystals for Beginners

Crystals For Beginners

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration”- Nikola Tesla. 

So my obsession with crystals started when I was about 17. I can’t remember exactly when or why, but I know it was the beginning of a lovely little journey for me. My first ever crystal was a clear quartz wand that I just loved and had until I was 21 (I don’t want to talk about it!), and it served me very well. The theory is that when we are happy and excited, we emit higher vibrations than when we are in a low mood. We emit lower vibrations, so we want to try and emit from a higher vibration and frequency as much as possible! Crystals can help with that.

After seven years of getting into crystals and spirituality, I feel like I know so much more than the beginning. It can be pretty daunting if you have heard about crystals and want to get into them. I’d say one of my most frequent DM’s when I post crystals is, “I want to get into crystals, but I don’t know where to start!” I always try my best to answer but with 15-second stories. I find it hard, but can I just say I love how many people are getting into crystals as the years go by? Gone are the days people thought I was a little bit crazy for having crystals (maybe for other reasons, but this is one less). I feel like having crystals in your home or workspace is pretty standard now, thanks VB, Gwyneth Paltrow (even though her skincare advice is a little bit questionable) and the gang. Let’s get into it!

My Mini Guide

Here is my mini guide on Crystals for beginners 

Number 1: Crystals are not as complicated as they may seem!

Please don’t get overwhelmed. Just take it for what it is. In this world, there are no set rules. I predominantly use my intuition for everything in my life. If you ever get drawn to a crystal because you think, “ooo, what a gorgeous colour”, good! That is your intuition talking; ALWAYS listen to it. Think of crystals like people with different personalities. Some people are uplifting to be around, some are funny, and some are nurturing. Crystals are the same. Each crystal has different vibrations and, therefore, different healing properties. So potentially, each week or maybe each day, you may be drawn to another very typical crystal, and you will begin to know which one you want and why instinctively. So when you google Crystals for anxiety or Crystals to aid sleep, there will be a few different crystals coming to the rescue. 

What the hell even is a crystal?! A lot of people may be thinking.

 Well technically…

a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.”

Still confused? Yeah, me too. Crystals are minerals formed underground. 

Another technicality for you(I am on a roll today) snow and table salt are also forms of crystals but not the kind we are talking about today. Amethyst is formed inside of lava bubbles!

Crystals have a well organised molecular structure, a repeating grid pattern. (I am going somewhere with this, I promise) The crystal’s molecular symmetry has a particular vibration And frequency, making them powerful holders and transmitters of energy and vibrations. These energies help uplift our mood or ward off negative energy working like a magnet to absorb, store, transmit or transform energy. New minerals are surfacing every year, and some believe it is because particular energies are needed in the world.



Ok, ok… Without further ado

The Best Crystals For Beginners

Here are my recommendations for your very first crystal purchase

  1. Clear Quartz 
  2. Amethyst 
  3. Rose Quartz 
  4. Citrine 
  5. Tiger’s Eye


Clear Quartz

The “master healer” and my all-time favourite babe

She does everything! Amplifies, stores transmits, absorbs, releases and regulates energy/vibrations. It can ward off negative energy of all kinds and even neutralise background radiation. It can balance and revitalise the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes and is excellent for the immune system. A deep soul cleanser, Amplifying thought, great for setting intentions or manifesting with and is said to enhance psychic abilities. This is a tremendous first crystal as it can do several different things. It is an all-rounder and would be a perfect first purchase. 



Amethyst is a trendy crystal. It is an excellent reliever of stress that I think we all have a bit too much of these days, and it is said to be a natural tranquilliser helping with sadness and grief. Amethyst has many properties like clear quartz, making it an excellent crystal for beginners, balancing out mood swings and turning negative energy into love. It can be a protection stone. It opens the mind and helps with clarity and focus, enhancing memory and motivation, including remembering and understanding dreams! An excellent crystal for Insomnia, It has intense healing and cleansing powers.  Amethyst encourages sobriety, having a sobering effect on overindulgence of alcohol, drugs or other addictions. 


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal of loooove. It is the stone of unconditional love to exact, and I have this crystal in many different shapes all around my house and a small heart I carry in my bag. Apparently, Egyptian women used rose quartz face masks to clear their complexion and prevent wrinkles, so bougie.

Its healing properties include joy and love, promoting emotional healing. I like this crystal because it is suitable for friendships and relationships, two huge parts of my life. It is a heart healer connected to the heart chakra, great for use during breakups or even deeper emotional wounds. Sometimes, the rose quartz crystal brings back alignment when the heart chakra is blocked. I would highly highly recommend this crystal, and you can also add it to your skincare routine in the form of Gua Shas, Facial Rollers and Eye masks.



Citrine is a gorgeous yellowish crystal. This crystal can increase creativity and intuition and help manifest abundance and prosperity, that shmoney honey. I think this is an excellent crystal because who doesn’t want abundance? It reminds me to be grateful for everything I have and everything coming. It also promotes sharing and PMA (positive mental attitude). Citrine is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra directing personal power is suitable for people who may be sensitive or struggle to stand up for themselves. I like this crystal because I work to be decisive sometimes.


For more detailed descriptions of the crystals and their properties, I have a gorgeous book I want to stock on the website and will be getting soon. I will link it somewhere on this post. 


Choosing your crystal is an entirely personal experience. You can choose crystals however you want, whether it is just what you are drawn to, like the colour or shape. You could choose based on your favourite properties or even based upon what you want to attract into your life.

What Do I Do With My Crystal?

Right, so you know what crystals and picked which crystal you wanted now what do you do with it.

There is a range of different ways you can use your crystals. I heard about the way Gwyneth Paltrow uses her Jade eggs from another blog, and wow, let’s say I’ve never tried that, but I’m going to tell you some more traditional ways of using your crystals. 

You can: 

  1. Put them in your bag or pocket, and some people even put them in their bras. Doing this just gives you that all-day support. 
  2. Put them in different places in your home, for example, amethyst in the bedroom to help with insomnia. 
  3. Use as part of your reiki, meditation or yoga practices. 
  4. Use them as energy cleansers of spaces or angel cards 

But again, allow your intuition to guide you on what you want to do with them or where you want to put them.

All in all, the spiritual world is a very open space. There are no rules and no way of doing anything, don’t feel that although you aren’t ready, Just do it! You won’t regret it, and you can learn so much along the way, and obviously, we are always here to guide you. I hope I haven’t overloaded you with too much information, but you can digest it in portions. I’m so excited for you to start this crazy journey.