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Quick Intro: Chakras

Tap into your Chakras

Are you feeling tired, stressed or anxious? Here is a quick intro to the Chakras and How we can tap into our energy systems to create vitality in our bodies.

Chakras are our unique energy centres in our bodies that determine our health and wellbeing. (we’ll get into more of that another day)

There are seven major chakras in the body, representing different areas in our lives.  My experience as A Reiki Master has allowed me to delve into the magic we all have within our bodies,


  • Root (1st) — Base of the spine; red; governs survival instincts, grounding, finance.                            LAM
  • Sacral (2nd) — Lower abdomen; orange; governs sexuality, intuition, self-worth/-esteem.                  VAM
  • Solar Plexus (3rd) — Upper abdomen; yellow; governs impulse control, ego creativity.                      RAM
  • Heart (4th) — Center of the chest; green; governs compassion, spirituality.                                       YAM
  • Throat (5th) — Throat; blue; governs communication emotion.                                                          HAM
  • Third Eye (6th) — Between the eyes; purple; governs rationality, wisdom, imagination.                      SHAM
  • Crown (7th) — Top of the head; indigo; governs connection with the Divine.                                     OM  

There is an easy and fun way to engage our chakras using sound and hand positions.  I use this method frequently when feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. When we use the corresponding sounds, you can feel your body vibrating within, and the fun part is you can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

For example 

If you need a boost in creativity, place your hands between your heart and stomach ( solar plexus) to make the sound RAAAAAAM, and you can feel the vibration within your body.

If you need a boost in your finances, place your hands at the top of your inner thighs (root) to make the sound LAAAAAAM

Needing to mend a broken heart?, place your hands on your chest (heart) to make the sound YAAAAAAAAAAM

 You will be surprised just how refreshing and energising it feels, and with practice, the feeling just gets better and better.  It is so easy to do with minimal effort.  Don’t delay and give it a go.