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We believe in the small lifestyle changes that enhance your well-being.

Your self-care routine is your most important daily habit we are here to help perfect it. Our core mission is to deliver ethically sourced, 100% natural luxurious products made by our experts.

So you can utilise the tools within to make the most of your life and bring out those good vibes.

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They always ensure that the clients are treated with a holistic approach. Everyone has different needs in their lives and Satori caters for all eventualities such as energising, relaxing, etc. I highly recommend these essential oils. X
Charlotte Robson
I love love love the Satori Vital essential oils.  I have been suffering from anxiety and lack of sleep and the Lavender and Frankincense just help me do this nicely.  Can not wait to try the sage.
Louise Waters
It is definitely looking and smelling like Christmas in the Gale household. I can highly recommend ‘Satori Vital’ essential oils and burner. Thank you Judy Mahoney.
Shireen Gale
Highly recommend the essential oils. I’d struggle to name a favourite as there’s a few I love. The scent really lasts . My house smells divine and v reasonably priced. They won’t disappoint
Nicky Rogers

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